bet sizes for poker hands played by Pluribus from small blind

What poker hands Pluribus opens from the small blind

Range of poker hands

Pluribus opens 63% from the small blind when previous players have folded. He plays very standard hands, for the ones we see in the dataset. So your favourite equity poker calculator like Equilab or Flopzilla will give you a very good estimate of the range at 63%. limps and bets

Because the small blind is last to open, he’s usually facing RFI and there aren’t enough poker hands in Pluribus data to display an open range as I did from the earlier positions. However we can make decent inferences.

Pluribus mixes limps and bets

More interestingly, Pluribus mixes almost exactly 50% (within the 63%) limp vs bet. She bets and limps from all over the place. I can’t be 100% sure but it looks very much like the range is 63% and then randomizer 50/50 for limp or bet.

We’ve often thought a mixed limp/bet strategy is ideal but so difficult to implement that we resort to bet / fold only. Now with 50% bet/limp known as probably optimal, we can easily replicate and implement. Even after a raise from BB, we almost don’t care whether we did bet or limp as we would find pretty obvious, balanced ranges for 4B, flat, or fold. So I think that’s the key Pluribus learning from the SB.

As usual when Pluribus bets, she uses a mixed strategy for bet sizes across all poker hands. Here it is:

bet sizes for poker hands played by Pluribus from small blind
You can also picture a big limp column to the left ?

How poker pros open from the small blind

Finally let’s look at how all the pros opened from the small blind. There is quite a difference in poker hands frequencies between those 10 guys :

Poker hand frequencies played by pros and Pluribus.
Pros on the SB when it’s folded to them

So for instance look at differences between Mr Blue, Mr White or Gogo. By the way if you wonder which of these Tarentino guys is llinuslove, the answer is none. He didn’t play in the Reservoir Dogs nor Kill Bill tables. Llinuslove played in the one pro against 5 bots games. Carnegie Mellon did not publish those results.

Have a look we’ll recap on poker hand frequencies of all players from LJ to Button.

Author: Yolanda Wade