pluribus poker preflop defense

Pluribus poker preflop defense frequencies

The way Pluribus defends pre-flop is interesting; we’ll do a few posts on it, for now let’s focus on poker preflop defense frequencies.

pluribus poker preflop defense
average size in X times previous bet (x time rfi)

Key learnings on preflop defense strategy

  • Overall in position defense frequencies are very similar to the pros frequencies and “current wisdom”
  • Maybe a bit less 3B and more call from the button
  • Significant differences from the blinds
    • Pluribus defends a lot more from the small blind, with a lot more calls
      • like twice as much as the pros did in this game!
    • Pluribus defends less from the big blind, will less calls
    • 3Bet sizes from the blinds are also larger than the pros and the averages we see online.

Preview on preflop defense hand ranges in position

I’ll need a full detailed post on this but many “new” behaviours to me in position:

  • Very mixed strategy between call and 3bet with the same hands
  • Some fairly surprising hands to 3bet:
    • pairs all the way down to 55
    • KQo and ATo at high frequency
    • A lot of suited connectors, but that’s similar to Snowie

Further study needed

I need to look at more detail, ie position of the original open, size of the open and whether these have impact or not.

I only looked at average 3bet size, not the distribution of these, don’t know yet whether there is a big spread.

I also haven’t looked at ranges from the blinds.

So there is a lot more coming.

Author: Yolanda Wade