Pluribus hand ranges

Pluribus poker hands ranges – RFI recap

So after looking at Pluribus poker hand ranges at all positions and Pluribus bet sizes, what learnings do we really get ?

So let’s look at the rfi frequencies actually played by the 10 pros and Pluribus on the course of 10k hands. Bear in mind these are the frequencies actually played, so slightly different from the actual ranges (although very close) ie when Pluribus gets dealt a lot more JT than 32, it does have an impact on the frequency. So not the same numbers that I’ve shown in the ranges.

Pluribus hand ranges
Pluribus real is the frequency built from the constructed ranges as opposed to actually played.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, except the small variations between players show there is not yet a full concensus on rfi preflop ranges, but I think this is coming soon. Basically the Pluribus poker hands opened ranges are very close to snowie or upswing poker ranges, so this will converge.

Key Learnings RFI Strategy from Pluribus Poker Hands

  • Ranges don’t change much, review, fine tune ever so slightly, add a few Kxs early.
  • Randomise bet sizes, check the charts for actual sizes per position, nothing too complicated. 50% 2BB, the rest split between 2.25 and 2.5. Exception from BU with more 2.25 and 2. 5 than 2BB.
  • From the SB, 63%range, then 50/50 limp/bet, and same split between bet sizes.
  • Once in a blue moon for fun, bet 3, 3.5 or even 4BB. Any handx doesn’t matter.
  • Not saying this is what we should do, just the poker hands Pluribus plays and their bet sizes, but if past history is anything to go by, decent players will move that way.

Author: Yolanda Wade