Pluribus Poker Flop Cbet Strategy

We start the study of Pluribus flop strategy by an introduction to its Flop Cbet strategy.

We won’t have enough data to look at strategy by flop texture. But we sure have enough to see in position play and out of position play and bet sizes. There has been a lot of talk about over bet, so we’ll find out.

Pluribus Flop Cbet Strategy Frequencies

  • Cbet percentage is confirming reduction in frequencies of recent years at 52%
  • Cbet in position is 58%
  • Pluribus takes position in consideration a lot
  • Cbet out of position is 41%
  • (Edited) Warning: all 25% bets are on 3bet pot, never used on single raised pot. This is not what Pluribus found to be optimal, it is a strategy of the researchers to limit CPU resource/time on single raised pots flops.

Cbet Strategy Bet sizings

  • So most cbets are 50% pot
  • No cbet at 33% as is current habit of many competent players.
    • Personnally I still love to cbet 33% and follow on turn with 66-150%…. gets money and a fold from marginal hands that beat me which happens so much in my small games…
  • Almost 30% of cbets at 100% or 200% including a very significant 10% cbets at 200% pot.

In the next posts we’ll try to understand when those sizes are used or if it’s just a mixed strategy.

Author: Yolanda Wade