3bet sizes

Pluribus 3bet Sizes – Pluribus Poker AI

Two strategies are obvious when looking at Pluribus 3bet sizes:

  • Pluribus varies sizes a lot, mostly randomly across a distribution
  • 3bets from the blinds are big

So let’s look at the distribution of 3bet sizes (in multiples of the initial raise)

Pluribus 3bet sizes in position

These are 3bets from the HJ, CO, and button. 3bets from BB against SB would qualify but I prefer to treat SB vs BB overall strategy separately.

3bet sizes
  • I grouped sizes so they are readable, but there are really a lot of different sizes within those groupings too.
    • Seems random enough that it should be easy to implement, but honestly not sure what purpose it serves
  • For very large bets, they are mostly as we’d expect when there is another call. But also a few more.
  • A2s and A3s seem to be always bet with big sizings, but there isn’t that much data.
  • Overall though this Pluribus 3bet sizes in position are similar to current poker trends

3bet sizes out of position (from blinds)

Once again this excludes SB vs BB.

  • Again a lot variation of bet sizes with a majority above 5x.
  • The very high sizes above 6x are mostly squeezes with hands like K9s, K7s, but also AQo. Oddly enough there was also a 9.5x bet with 76s
  • You can look at the detailed average 3bet and spread (ie max-min) and you’ll see sizes all over the place

Author: Yolanda Wade